A Boss, a Mentor, and the Young Man/chapter 14

Chapter 14


I flipped through my notebook and read some spoken word that I hadn’t finished. It made me think…

Hate cries, but I see every truth preached in the language of north, south, east, and west

Hate dies


Ebonic raps for these bois that don’t brush or comb their naps.

Now I heard your calls so let me clear my throat and return thy calls


I’ll give you this PSA for free without my fitted cap.

Hit me back jack was my old life, now I got new life

I hate the smells of the smack I pushed; teeth rotted to the point of no gaps

Batman, oops I meant the black man, Imma try and earn these claps

Love blinds, but I see every lie glimmer in red, yellow, brown, and green eyes

Love binds

I checked on Auntie, she’s been doing so good at dialysis and losing weight that there’s been talk from her doctors about going on a transplant list. I can’t believe it, it’s been an incredible journey for her, and to watch her fight only gives me hope in my life. JuJu and me been good. I can tell somethings been on her mind lately, but she’s been so focused on school and taking care of her grandmother that I hadn’t been pressing her on opening up.

At the first of the year I decided to enroll in trade school. I always been in love with cars, so I decided that I would work on a certificate in automotive technology. That’s gonna take a little bit of time to get into, so I also did the paperwork to get my commercial driver’s license to drive 18 wheelers. The cats with the CDL’s make good bread, so I figure something will work out.

I already feel like I got one foot out the door at work. The stuff with Mr. Bill, Boss Man, and his wife, is for the birds. Although word on the street is that Boss Man’s wife is already stepping out on him. I heard it’s one of the bruh’s at the carpet mill. I don’t think he cares about losing his job either.

Boss Man’s wife is a super sexy chick, but she’s the type of chick that gets brothers in trouble. Sexy plus dumb and ignorant never been a good combination for living a long life.

“Hey yo, can I get the half baked chicken, corn on the cob, fried okra, and cornbread,” I asked.

“Anything else,” he asked. “No sir,” I said.

JuJu decided to meet with me at Gino’s to eat dinner. Like I said, she been busy, so it’s good to spend some time together.

“Carlos, hey baby, how has your day been?” she asked.

“Everything is good JuJu, I been thinking of you all day, I’m so happy to see you. What you decide to eat?” I asked.

“I ain’t really been hungry, my stomach won’t settle, so I just got some chicken fingers and mashed potatoes,” she said.

“Good baby, what’s wrong, why you ain’t been eating?” I asked.

“Carlos, I been meaning to tell you…”

“Tell me what baby?”

In a moaned cry, she said “ Carlos I’m pregnant…”


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Author, Sam Blakemore, August 22, 2017


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