A Boss, a Mentor, and the Young Man/chapter 15

Chapter 15

Jules tells her Grandmother Rose…

“Grandmomma Rose, where you at grandmomma?” Jules asked.

“Gal, what the hell you screaming for, what’s wrong girl?” Grandmomma Rose asked.

“Momma…I missed my period, and I went and got checked out…and I’m pregnant,” Jules said.

“What the hell wrong wit you gal, I told you to keep ya legs closed,” Grandmomma Rose said with an exasperated sigh.

“Grandmomma, I don’t know what to do, I ain’t got no money, I ain’t married, and I don’t know who the baby daddy is,” she said.

“What you mean gal, ain’t ya been just messing with that damn Carlos boi,” she said.

“Nothing was going on with me and him for a minute momma, he just would come over and talk and be on the computer. I was talking to another boi by the name of Bishop down in Texas, he got family this way, but ain’t seen them in awhile. We met at a party some years back in high school, and from time to time we keep in touch. I went to visit him before me and Carlos really got to talking,” she said.

“Did you tell Carlos gal?” she asked.

“No, I ain’t said nothing momma, I don’t know whats what right now, I’m just confused,” she said.

“Bishop… I’m remember that fat, dark, no good boi hanging around you from time to time when he would come visit his family from Texas. Ain’t that Mr. Bill’s ugly ass son?” she asked.

“Yes ma’am…it is,” Jules said.

“And ain’t Mr. Bill, close with Carlos?” she asked.

“Yes ma’am…they is,” Jules said.

“Damn girl, couldn’t you had messed with some bois that might not know each other, you walking around these damn streets like six degrees of separation,” Grandmother Rose exclaimed.

“I know momma, tell me what to do, please just tell me what to do…” she said.

“Well girl, it’s best to keep your mouth closed for now, it ain’t no sense in stirring things up even further by you telling him he might not be the daddy. Take a deep breath, and get ya’self straight first,” she said.

“Grandmomma Rose, are you serious?” she asked.

“Listen gal, you ain’t the first heffer I done talked this type of situation through. Shut ya mouth up gal, and let a man be a man,” she said.


Carlos sits on the front porch, and speaks with Auntie…

“Auntie… when Jules told me I was gonna be a daddy I was frozen. After losing so much these past few years, I didn’t expect for the Lord to give me nothing. I don’t know what to do Auntie, but I know I need to step up to the plate and provide.  Hell, I don’t know how to provide. I can’t damn near even provide for myself right now. But, the only thing I can think of is that I got to make things whole. I want to be around for my child like my daddy was there for me. Daddy tried to be there for me Auntie… “

“What you trying to say boi?” Auntie asked.

In a deep sigh, Carlos softly said, “I think… I think it’s only right to ask Jules to marry me… “

Auntie with her head down, paused and yelled, “boi, you’se a damn fool if I ever seen one.”


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Author, Sam Blakemore, August 23, 2017


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