Self help.. blog#1

Self help.. blog#1

I am a first generation pharmacist. I didn’t grow up knowing pharmacists. And I never considered the profession until my high school chemistry teacher told me to consider it as a career path. Once I got to college, I was filled with self doubt as to if I could even accomplish the goal of becoming a health care professional.

I dabbled with various career paths: medicine, physical therapy, etc.. But in the back of my mind, I kept considering what my high school chemistry told me.

I had a college professor my junior and senior year that often spent time coaching us “students” prior to his lecture. At the time I really think much of it, but after self reflection, I realize now that he was offering us “self help” sessions. He wanted us to reach our goals, He wanted to coach you people up to reach their full potential. I naturally gravitated to his candor, spirit, teaching prowess, and charm. And it was simply because he cared.

3 Points to consider: 

  1.  Listen to your family and friends when it comes to what they tell you are your natural strengths.

  2. Listen carefully to the people that you respect, and carefully begin crafting a list of what you’re naturally gifted at.

  3. Be persistent 

Summary of why these ideas are important

It’s very tempting in this life to focus on what you’re not got at. You may even spend alot of time on the things you’re not good at, attempting to overcompensate for your lack of talent in that particular facet of life. However, it’s best that you focus your energy on your God given gifts.

So you’re saying, “forget what you’re not good at?” Nope… I’m not saying that. You still must put the work in to become a well rounded individual; use your time wisely and take advantage of your gifts to maximize your potential.

Once you have reached a conclusion about your strengths, weaknesses, and goals — you must stay focused on the the process that must be undertaken to reach your endpoint. For example, to reach my goal of becoming a pharmacist, one of the endpoints I had to reach was gaining admission to pharmacy school. Write down the process that you must undertake to get from Point A to Point Z. Once the steps have been written down and confirmed with much thought, begin using checklists and a calendar to determine how much time it will take you to reach your desired goal.

Leave no steps in the process blank. Think of what will go right and what will go wrong? Prepare yourself for an outcome that you may not even like, but all the while — remain persistent in achieving what you have determined to be the endpoint.

Sam Blakemore is the Pharmacy Manager of Peds Rx Pharmacy Solutions. Connect with him via: LinkedIn



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