Self help… blog#4

Self help… blog#4

A list of small truths that I’ve come across and reflected upon..this is by no means is a complete repository of all the information that I’ve taken in. But I thought it would be nice to share as I recently had this conversation, and felt that it was very helpful for the person to hear.

1. Be peculiar — to be peculiar means to be strange, odd, or different. Realize that it’s okay for people to not understand your vision. Follow your own personal truth and set out on achieving the dreams and goals that you believe God has set out for you on this journey of life.

2. Understand that 1 out of 2 people will dislike you. This therefore means that 1 out of 2 people will like you. The most successful people in this world understand this to be true. You will not be liked by everyone. And your ideas and conclusions regarding this life may be misinterpreted. But set your goals to a life of trying to be better each day. By creating this small habit, you will build value and trust within your community. Therefore, people that really know you, will fully understand that your intentions are to do no harm to others. Search for a meaning of helping and being of service. Ultimately who you are and what you’ve done to serve others will not fully be recognized while your footsteps walk this earthly life.

3. Realize that all relationships come to a conclusion. Whether it be because of your choice or Gods will. When dealing with others, do you focus on what the person does wrong or what the person does well? We all focus on negativity, it’s the easier to do. But to truly move forward in this world, you have to have optimism while also remaining firm in reality. Simply put, you’re a cynical optimist! 🙂

4. Lastly, in all your relationships, never attempt to hold a person back from what God wants them to be. It reflects poor character and has poor outcomes for building sustainable relationships and trust with others. You will be perceived as an enemy rather than a friend if you come off as a pest, obstacle, or unnatural deterrent to another man or woman’s goals. Please don’t be that person! There is enough in this life to go around for everyone.

Thank your sharing a moment with me today.