Lecture 3 — April 10th

Lecture 3 — April 10th
  1. First, you will receive 20 minutes to complete Quiz 1 on April 10th. All quizzes are open book. Use answer choices from Lecture 1 Question and Answer to prepare. We will review answer choices in class upon the completion of the quiz.
  2. Please listen to Lecture 2 and be ready to move forward with topics related to : Lecture 3–Chapter 7 & 16 & Calculate Days Supply Exercise
  3. Review Homework from Chapter 7 and 16 and be prepared to talk about your answer choices.
  4. For Thursday’s Lecture 4 on April 11th be prepared to move forward with Chapter 13 beginning on page 417 (Common Drugs & Their Uses) and Chapter 6 (Calculations).

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