Profiles in Pharmacy — a conversation with Taylor Trammell, PharmD — 10/09/2019

Profiles in Pharmacy — a conversation with Taylor Trammell, PharmD — 10/09/2019
Welcome to the 2019 edition of Profiles in Pharmacy.

Today, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to ask Taylor Trammell, PharmD a few questions.
Taylor is a 2011 graduate of Samford’s McWhorter School of Pharmacy.
Since obtaining his PharmD, he has worked in both Specialty Pharmacy and Community Pharmacy.
In 2017 he opened an independent pharmacy. Taylor is the co-owner and Pharmacist in Charge of Crestwood Pharmacy & Soda Fountain.
Recently, I had the opportunity to visit and experience his Pharmacy’s vibe and atmosphere; and I very much enjoyed interacting with his staff, eating ice cream, and people watching with my daughters.

Crestwood Pharmacy and Soda Fountain is a great small business in Birmingham, AL. And the patrons of this independently owned pharmacy receive quality pharmaceutical service and care.


Sam: When did you realize that you wanted to be a Pharmacist?
Taylor: Neither of my parents were able to go to college, so they encouraged my sisters and I to attend college.
I had a variety of interests in math and science but narrowed it down to healthcare because I am compassionate and wanted to help people in my daily job.
I had a couple of interests within healthcare and got a job at a chain pharmacy in high school. I loved the patient interaction and stuck with that chain all through undergrad, pharmacy school, and even a short time as a pharmacist. 

Sam: When you were in pharmacy school, did you consider pharmacy ownership to be an option?
Taylor: I always dreamt of owning my own place eventually, but did not pursue that in school. I just worked at the chain and got through school.
I never worked in an independent community pharmacy but had an idea of what I wanted to create.
I was intrigued in the old-school way that had all but disappeared. After working for several independently owned compounding pharmacies, I decided to take a chance and do it my way. 


Sam: Who are the Pharmacists that have influenced you the most and why?

Taylor: Cynthia Doggett hired me when I was 17 at the chain. I was an idiot and acted like a teenager but she stuck with me and taught me a lot. She showed me what it meant to be a professional, and how important it is to be detail oriented, and how to build meaningful relationships with our patients. I have worked with her off and on since 2003.

Kelley Millwood is another. She was just a year ahead of me in school and we knew each other then… but we worked together at a compounding pharmacy and she had prior experience and taught me a lot about compounding. 
Kay Guess. I had a rotation with Kay in a specialty pharmacy in my last year of pharmacy school. She took me under her wing and taught me the world of specialty pharmacy, which eventually led to a job in that area of pharmacy. She and I both, have since left the specialty pharmacy world, but I am thankful for her teaching me so much during that season. I have a better understanding of specialty pharmacy now and can guide my patients in our community to the pharmacy they need if we can’t serve them in those certain situations.
All of the pharmacists I mentioned; they all have a really strong work ethic and don’t quit until the work is done. 

Sam: What would you like the readers to know about you, your pharmacy, and the services you are currently providing to the community?

Taylor: We are a full service community pharmacy. We offer traditional retail prescription services along with non-sterile compounding, immunizations, and free delivery.  We have a good selection of otc products and some natural and local products as well. In addition to the medical side, we are also doing our twist on the old school Soda Fountain.
We have ice cream and old fashioned soda and hope to add food eventually. 
As far as the community piece goes; my wife, son, and I live in Crestwood South — which is about half a mile from the pharmacy.
We hope to be here for a long time.


Sam: What would you tell students currently in pharmacy school? What services do you foresee these students offering in the years to come? 
Taylor: Find an area of pharmacy that you love. There are many options for types of work as a pharmacist and it was hard work and costs a lot of money to become a pharmacist, so do something you love.
I love seeing the profession grow and seeing the different types of jobs that pharmacists have. I am Excited to watch the provider status topic and even some prescriptive authority perhaps.

Sam: Freestyle question… Tell us the readers what you want us to know.
Taylor: I love camping, mountain biking, hiking, music, food, coffee. I would love for everyone to come to the pharmacy and get to know us. Come have a cup of coffee or milkshake!
Sam Blakemore IMG_1742 is the Pharmacy Manager of Peds Rx Pharmacy Solutions. Connect with him via: LinkedIn


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