Answers: Calculate Days Supply Exercise

Answers: Calculate Days Supply Exercise

Review: Calculate Days Supply Exercise

Answers: Answers- Pharmacy Math-Days Supply

**Question 7, the most correct answer would be 28 days because the Lantus vial is a multi dose vial. Multi dose vials are only stable for 28 days once the patient begins using the product.

**Question 10, the answer could be rounded up or down

Why is calculating days supply important? First you don’t want your patients to misuse or abuse their medications. If a Albuterol Inhaler has a days supply based upon calculations for 16 days and the patient is refilling the medication every 5 days, then it’s pretty obvious that their inhaler is being used incorrectly or their asthma isn’t being appropriately managed.

Lastly, calculating days supply is important because of insurance requirements. We will cover billing later — but the gist is that pharmacy technicians play an essential role in ensuring that medications are billed appropriately with the correct days supply being submitted to the Pharmacy Benefit Manager.

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