Lawson State Non Credit Pharmacy Technician Program Fall 2020

Lawson State Non Credit Pharmacy Technician Program Fall 2020

To enroll into the course do the following steps:

2. Click on Courses
3. Click Lawson State non-credit Pharmacy Technician Course
4. Click Free
5. Register by creating a username, entering email, and creating a password
Video for how to enroll in the course:
Wednesday September 23, 2020
* We discussed how to enroll
*Youtube Videos will be posted so that content can be explained in greater detail, and some class sessions will go Youtube Live so that questions can be asked prior to examinations
*We talked about ourselves, and job history
*Please go to main homepage for updates regarding lectures
*Quiz 1 is due September 25, 2020 (Quiz 1 — Non Credit Pharmacy Technician Course)
*Thursday September 24, 2020 we will discuss Who the Pharmacy Technician is.. roles, responsibilities, salary, etc.
Thursday September 24, 2020
*We discussed “Who is the Pharmacy Technician”
*Customer service for techs, what they can and can’t do in the pharmacy, laws regarding suspension of license if pharmacy law is broken
*CE’s per year = 3 with one of the three being a live ce
*Median salary = $33,950 per year in 2019
*website to go to view state law in Alabama and to register =
*Quiz 2 is due October 1, 2020  Quiz 2 — Who is the Pharmacy Technician
*Friday Setpember 25, 2020 Tony will lead the discussion on types of pharmacies
Friday September 25, 2020
*We discussed Types of Pharmacies
*Please continue to work towards completion of Quiz 2 which is due October 1, 2020.
Leading up to our discussion next Thursday, please begin reviewing the section pertaining to Pharmacy Law of  Who is the Pharmacy Technician?
Thursday October 1, 2020

Quiz 3 Due October 7th — use your textbooks, internet, etc.. to complete

  1. DEA = Drug Enforcement Agency
  2. A pharmacy tech can only be present in a pharmacy prescription department when the pharmacist is present.
  3. Schedule 2, 3, 4, and 5 are controlled substances
  4. Schedule 1 drugs have no medicinal value, and examples include street drugs like heroin, crack cocaine, and LSD.
  5. Examples of Schedule 2 drugs include: Ritalin, Oxycodone, Morphine, Fentanyl
  6. Annual inventories must be taken by Jan 15 of each year
  7. You can transfer a schedule III-V once to an outside pharmacy. Schedule II drugs can not be transferred
  8. Prescribers can issue multiple rx’s for a schedule II up to a 90 day supply
  9. 3.6 grams of sudafed per day 7.5 grams per month
  10. USP 795, 797, 800 — — remember USP 795 covers non-sterile compounding, 797 covers sterile compounding, and USP 800 covers hazardous compounding
October 1, 2020 we reviewed the following:
  1. Review of State Law
  2. Quiz 2
  3. HIPAA  — please complete the video
  4. CMEA — please complete the video
  5. October 2, 2020 Janiece will be your teacher. We will continue our discussion on Terminology and begin reviewing the TOP 200. Use the practice quizzes under the Terminology section to begin memorizing drug names (brand name versus generic name).
  6. Read Chapter 3
  7. Take the cliff notes approach and skim over Chapters 5, 6, and 7 — we will be covering these chapters in depth for the rest of our time together.


Friday October, 2, 2020

Instructor on this day: Janiece

  • Speak to the women about your personal experience being a pharmacy technician
  • How to become a certified pharmacy technician (questions and answers)
  • Then shift into the lecture — go to heading “Terminology” and inform the women to begin reviewing the Top 200 from their e-books and use the practice quizzes as opportunities to study the top 200. Inform them that they can learn from taking the quizzes because each question has pieces of what the drug does in the body and/or why it’s being used.
  • Then shift to the heading “Calculations” — begin going over days supply with the students
  • Lastly shift over to the heading “Roman and arabic numerals” and let the students watch the videos on roman numerals and how to add and subtract.
  • Go over when you will see Roman numerals in the pharmacy setting (bottles, prescriptions, etc. )
Wednesday October 7, 2020
Instructor on this day: Tony
The following topics will be reviewed:
  1. Federal Law
  2. New Drug Approval
  3. Naming of Drugs
  • Then ask the girls if they’re having any questions or concerns.
  • Tell them that I will post quiz 4 and quiz 5  and quiz 6 to the website tomorrow before their lecture.
  • Students please continue to review Top 200 drugs which Janiece covered last week
  • Janiece will continue to cover Pharmacy Calculations Friday


Thursday October 8, 2020

Instructor: Sam

Review of all topics covered over the past few weeks

Discussion of whats understood versus whats not..

Posting: Quiz 4, 5, 6 which is due October 15, 2020 

Email sent post lecture: 


You receive a prescription from Sally Blakemore, CRNP

Her DEA number is as follows:


What is the check digit?

  • Add together the first, third and fifth digits call this CALC1,3,5

  • Add together the second, fourth and sixth digits and multiply the sum by 2, call this CALC2,4,6

  • Add CALC1,3,5 + CALC2,4,6 call this CHECK

  • The rightmost digit of CHECK (the digit in the ones place) is used as the check digit in the DEA number

1+3+5 = 9

2+4+6 = 12 * 2 = 24

9+24 = 33

  • Remember M denotes mid level practitioners. A mid level prescriber falls under the direct supervision of a Physician
  • In the state of Alabama does a Chiropractor have prescribing rights?
  • Keep reviewing the top 200 drugs from your book and understanding categories of the drugs along with brand vs generic names
  • Review the link below, it is a picture of a bottle of Hydrocodone/APAP
You will see a large C on the bottle followed by roman numerals II
It denotes schedule II narcotic. When you go to a pharmacy you will be able to see what schedule the drug falls in based on the packaging.


Friday October 9, 2020

Instructor: Janiece

Review of Pharmacy Math/ Days Supply/ Terminology/ General Conversation 


October 15 2020
Elements of the Prescription
Prescription Label — State of Alabama
Prescription Processing
Quizzes are due: Quiz 4, 5, 6 which is due October 15, 2020 

Please review the lecture notes and continue to work on finishing them. 

Janiece will continue to push forward on pharmacy math tomorrow and will discuss more of your questions and concerns.
Keep studying! The class is almost done.
  • Complete elements of the prescription (pg 208 in text)

  • Auxiliary labels (pg 217 of text)

  • Prescription label (pg 216 of text)

  • Insurance Cards (pg 527 of text)

  • Prescription processing– workflow video (

  • Drop off of the prescription —> Order Entry (demographic info/prescription information) → Fill Rx → Pharmacist Verifies Rx → Pickup of Rx → Counseling

  • Brand/generic names — please work on them

  • Package inserts — please google them if you don’t know what a drug is or how it acts in the body, this is how you will learn medications. Learn by focusing on what the drug does in the body to counteract the disease state

  • Days supply/ Your final exam will have lots of days supply on it. Please continue to work hard towards understanding days supply

  • Conversions

  • Quiz 9 and 10 will be posted later this week and due October 29


  • Lantus 100 units/ml

Dispense 3 ml

How many units of insulin will be dispensed? 100 units/ml * 3ml = 300 units

What is the generic name of Lantus? Insulin glargine

What do the following directions mean: INJ 10 units QHS ( inject 10 units at bedtime )

What is the days supply? 30 days

Most injectable vials expire between 21-28 days (insulin vials typically 28 days)

Counseling point for patients would be once you begin injecting with the pen or drawing up a dose with the vial, to discard the vial 28 days after use.


  • Proair 90mcg/actuation

What is the generic name? Albuterol Sulfate

What do the following directions mean: 4 puffs Q4H PRN SOB, wheeze, cough (4 puffs every 4 hours as needed for shortness of breath, wheeze, cough)

If there are 24 hours in a day, how many times during the day can you use this inhaler: 6 times

If there are 200 puffs in 1 inhaler, what is the days supply? 24 puffs/day

200 puffs/inhaler /24 puffs = 8.333 days = 8 days

What disease state is ProAir used for? Asthma


  • Keflex 250mg/5ml

Generic Name: Cephalexin

What is the concentration? Weight/Volume or Volume/Volume

250mg/5ml reduce the fraction 50mg/ml

The directions read as follow, what do they mean? Give 1 tsp PO QID for 10 days

1 teaspoon by mouth four times a day for 10 days

How many ml’s will the pharmacist dispense? 5ml/dose * 4 doses = 20ml/day * 10 days = 200ml

When does the antibiotic expire? 10-14 days ( 14 days for this example)

What auxiliary labels should we place on the bottle? Shake well and refrigerate

What is reconstitution?

Pain Medication

  • Tylenol 500mg

Directions state the following: 1 tab po q6h prn pain

Dispense: 60 tablets, what is the days supply?

What is the generic name of Tylenol?


  • Lovenox 300mg/3ml

Directions state the following: Inject 0.3 ml SUBQ BID

What does SUBQ mean? Subcutaneous

How many ml’s are injected per day? 0.6 ml

If each vial is 3ml how many vials should be dispensed for a 1 month supply (30 days)?

What is the generic name of Lovenox?

What is it used for?

Conversions & Problems

  1. Convert 220 lbs to kg ____________

  1. 1 tablespoon (tbsp) to teaspoon (tsp) _________________

  1. 2000 milliliters (ml’s) to liters __________________

  1. XII ounces to ml’s ______12* 30 = 360ml _______________

  1. IV ounces to ml’s _____4 * 30 = 120ml ________________

  1. 5 grams to milligrams (mg’s) ________________________

  1. 30ml’s to tablespoons ________________________

  1. The Doctor writes a prescription for Clindamycin 300mg directions: 600mg TID for 10 days. How many capsules should be dispensed? ___2 capsules * 3 times per day = 6 capsules per day * 10 days = 60 capsules_________________

  1. The Nurse Practitioner writes a prescription for Amoxicillin 500mg directions: 2 grams PO 1 hour prior to dental procedure. How many capsules should be dispensed? _____2000mg/500mg per capsule = 4 capsules ______________

  1.  The Physician Assistant writes a prescription for Cefdinir 125mg/5ml directions: 125mg BID for 10 days. How many ml’s should be dispensed? _________________

October 16 2020
Error Prevention strategies for processing prescriptions
Requirements of a legal prescription
October 21 2020 

Medication Safety

High Alert Medications
Leading and Trailing Zeros
October 22 2020 
NDC or bar code safety checks
Quiz 7 due — covers federal law, new drug approval naming of drugs
Quiz 8 due — fraud/waste/abuse —
community pharmacy module
October 23 2020
No class — Free Day catch up on work
October 29 2020
Drug Recalls
Pharmacy Technician Lab
Quiz 9 & 10 on terminology/brand and generics 
Lecture Notes on this date:
It appears we ended early today with technical difficulties.
  • Please continue to review Drug Recalls, Reconstitution, and Compounding.
  • Janiece will finish up the discussion tomorrow on our example.. Compounding Baclofen 5mg/ml.
  • Remember the final exam is due November 5th. If you have any questions or concerns leading to the completion of this exam let us know immediately. In order to pass the class, you must complete all 10 quizzes and the final exam.
  1. Drug Recalls
  2. Pharmacy Technician Lab
  3. Discuss Final Exam

Review Prescription Benefit Card — 

Review Prescription Workflow —

Reconstitution of oral suspension — 

Reconstitution of IV medication — 

Compounding a suspension from tablets —

  •  Describe the four pieces of information found on a prescription benefit card.

  • Describe prescription workflow.

  • Describe reconstitution of an oral suspension

  • Describe reconstitution of an IV medication

  • Compounding exercise – you receive the following prescription

Baclofen 5mg/ml qs 180mL 

Take 3 ml via GTube BID 

On your shelf you have Baclofen 10mg tablets and OraBlend Suspending Agent

Trituration —

Levigation – wet the triturated powder with suspending agent and incorporate using mortar and pestle

How many 10mg tablets do you need to make 180 mL? Describe the steps needed to compound this medication.

October 30 2020 
Review for final exam
November 5 2020 
Final Exam due
and will be graded
class does not meet
**Sam & Tony** 
November 6 2020
Last Session
Discuss Externship


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