Life of the manager— Think. Reflect. Improve!

What are you doing? Are you faking it till you make it? What’s the plan? Solve the problem! You don’t know what you’re talking about!

The more education I attained the more I realized that I had built a catalog of reference points. We read, we learn, and hopefully when the time comes we are able to reach back into the card catalog of our memories to find that one bit of information that will help serve the person staring at us looking for any bit of help.

In the pharmacy the realization that I’m consistently learning and re-learning is always upon me. On any given day, I can learn patience from a child, a bit of humor from a grandpa, and reminders of how to not take myself too seriously from co-workers.

A manager that knows how to motivate realizes that educating employees on how to do things the right way everyday is the difference between a success and failure. It’s the vital component to providing a service the public wants and the level of compassion needed to ensure the consumers of your product are retained.

Education isn’t just for classrooms. What are you doing to improve your chops as a communicator and as a teacher? Do you take the time to be quiet and watch those that are gifted perform their gifts? Are you capable of listening to an employee’s new idea?

As a manager of people be willing to learn from both those you manage and the customers you serve. Things can always be better, performances are never perfect and can always be improved. Never take for granted the opportunity each day that you have to serve the public. Focus on the foundational topics of your profession. How are you going to multiply if you haven’t learned to add and subtract? Hopefully, with reflection, you’re able to find reference points of education that were learned in the classroom and on the job that will allow you to expand and grow your business.


Sam Blakemore is the Pharmacy Manager of Peds Rx Pharmacy Solutions. Connect with him via: LinkedIn


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