Session 2 — July 18, 2018 — Lecture 7

Session 2 — July 18, 2018 — Lecture 7


Labetalol 10mg/ml recipe used, recipe can be found using the following link:

  • Prescriber: Dr. House
  • Dose: 50mg BID
  • Days Supply: QS to 30 Days
  • Pharmacy Dispensing: Sam’s Discount Pharmacy
  • RX# 0023 Date Rx Written: 7/12/2018 Date Rx Compounded: 7/18/2018
  • Fictional Patient Name: Fred Johnson
  • Compounding Standards used was USP 795:
  • Pharmacist: S. Blakemore




  1. How many ml’s must be dispensed for 30 day supply? 300ml
  2. What is the patient’s dose in milliliters? 5ml bid
  3. Would it be appropriate to dispense a 30 day supply? No, the stability is only 28 days, but to keep compounding simple, we will use a round number and dispense 300ml.
  4. How many tablets will we need to compound this prescription? 10mg/ml x 5ml = 50mg/dose x 2 doses/day =100mg/day x 30 days = 3000mg. To compound we will use 300mg tablets. 3000mg/300mg/tablet = 10 tablets will be used to compound.


Homework: Review Compounding Log, Review Compounding Recipe, Create a Prescription Label based on Alabama Law


Sam Blakemore is the Pharmacy Manager of Peds Rx Pharmacy Solutions. Connect with him via: LinkedIn



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