Answers to Lecture 6 & 7 Handout

Answers to Lecture 6 & 7 Handout

To conclude handout for Lecture 6&7


Handout: Lecture 6 & 7

Answers: Answers Lecture 6 & 7


Pharmacy Technician 101 MidPoint!!!

Pharmacy Technician 101 MidPoint!!!

We will be at the halfway point after April 25th!

To review all materials covered please follow these links:


Pharmacy Technician 101 Syllabus


  1. Pharmacy Technician 101 — Lecture 1 & Lecture 2
  2. Lecture 3–Chapter 7 & 16
  3. Lecture 4–April 11
  4. Lecture 5, 6, and 7 — Review
  5. Lecture 6–April 19, 2018
  6. Lecture 7– April 24, 2018
  7. Lecture 8 — April 25, 2018

Quizzes and Questions: 

  1. Quiz 1 & Quiz 1 Answers
  2. Pharmacy Math-Days Supply
  3. Quiz 2 & Quiz 2 Answers
  4. Quiz 3 & Quiz 3 Answers

Lecture 8 — April 25, 2018

Lecture 8 — April 25, 2018

We will have a brief lecture on Chapter 4

Audio for Lecture 8: 

We will then complete whatever calculations problems that remain from the handout: Lecture 6 & 7

A topic of great importance is “Billing” — please review Chapter 15

There will be a review of all materials covered up until this point in our lecture series.

By this point we we will have covered 10 Chapters — if you haven’t kept up, we have covered the following chapters: 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, and the top 200

Thus this lecture period will be an opportunity for your questions and concerns. So please come prepared to have a lively discussion!


Lecture 7– April 24, 2018

Lecture 7– April 24, 2018

You will first complete Quiz 3 which completes our coverage of the top 200 drugs

We will then go over Quiz 3 answers with any followup questions

Update: Quiz 3 Answers

Then there will be a brief lecture on Chapter 18 of your textbook

Next, there will be a discussions over our lecture packet that was given in the form of a handout on April 19, 2018 “Lecture 6 & 7″  Please refer to the following link if you were unable to attend class on this date: Lecture 6–April 19, 2018


Lecture 6–April 19, 2018

Lecture 6–April 19, 2018

Lecture 6

If you missed Lecture 6 — the audio: 

In Lecture 6 we covered the following:

  1. Quiz 2 and Quiz 2 Answers
  2. In Chapter 13 of the  Pharmacy Technician Workbook we covered Analgesics on page 154 — please continue working through the entire question and answers of this chapter.
  3. Lecture 6 & 7  we got through question 2 — we will begin next’s weeks lecture with question 3 and complete the packet.
  4. Answers Lecture 6 & 7
  5. Audio of Answers to Lecture 6 & 7:
  6. Over the weekend continue to do practice problems in the workbook from Chapter 5, 6, and 7 — this workbook is AWESOME! So please use it!
  7. Next Wednesday we will cover Chapter 18 of the textbook, and have additional practice problems related to pharmacy practice.
  8. When you get a chance please check out this Youtube Video  about Coumadin


Have a good weekend!

Lecture 5, 6, and 7 — Review

Lecture 5, 6, and 7 — Review

We have covered quite a bit of material over the first few weeks of class.

Lecture 5 was a review of drugs and calculations.

Lecture 6 and 7 will be a review of the material that we have covered in class and at home. Please keep reading questions and answers from the website and the assigned chapters from the textbook.

On April 19, 2018 we will have Quiz 2. This quiz will be 10 minutes in length. You can use your textbooks in class for the quiz.  If you would like to get a head start, please click on the link for Quiz 2 to get started.

We will then briefly go over the answers. Remember to continue your review of the top 200 most prescribed drugs in conjunction with Chapter 13 of your textbook. The quiz will specifically cover pages 268-270.

After Quiz 2 we will begin Lecture 6 & 7. Please review Chapter 7 in your workbook to be prepared with the Lecture on Thursday.

Please feel free to review this material prior to class — we will cover these questions and answers in depth over the next 2 lecture periods.

Be safe and see you soon! Sam

Update: Quiz 2 Answers



Lecture 4–April 11

Lecture 4–April 11

I hope your first quiz went well! Review your answers, these questions will be on the final exam: Quiz 1 Answers

Chapter 13 and Chapter 6 will be reviewed in class

Lecture 4: Lecture 4– Chapter 13 and Chapter 6

In the first part of class today we reviewed Calculate Days Supply Exercise and the answers Answers: Calculate Days Supply Exercise

Lecture 4 audio: 

Please read and review material from your textbook. The key to success in this lecture series is self-study.

Answers: Calculate Days Supply Exercise

Answers: Calculate Days Supply Exercise

Review: Calculate Days Supply Exercise

Answers: Answers- Pharmacy Math-Days Supply

**Question 7, the most correct answer would be 28 days because the Lantus vial is a multi dose vial. Multi dose vials are only stable for 28 days once the patient begins using the product.

**Question 10, the answer could be rounded up or down

Why is calculating days supply important? First you don’t want your patients to misuse or abuse their medications. If a Albuterol Inhaler has a days supply based upon calculations for 16 days and the patient is refilling the medication every 5 days, then it’s pretty obvious that their inhaler is being used incorrectly or their asthma isn’t being appropriately managed.

Lastly, calculating days supply is important because of insurance requirements. We will cover billing later — but the gist is that pharmacy technicians play an essential role in ensuring that medications are billed appropriately with the correct days supply being submitted to the Pharmacy Benefit Manager.

Lecture 3 — April 10th

Lecture 3 — April 10th
  1. First, you will receive 20 minutes to complete Quiz 1 on April 10th. All quizzes are open book. Use answer choices from Lecture 1 Question and Answer to prepare. We will review answer choices in class upon the completion of the quiz.
  2. Please listen to Lecture 2 and be ready to move forward with topics related to : Lecture 3–Chapter 7 & 16 & Calculate Days Supply Exercise
  3. Review Homework from Chapter 7 and 16 and be prepared to talk about your answer choices.
  4. For Thursday’s Lecture 4 on April 11th be prepared to move forward with Chapter 13 beginning on page 417 (Common Drugs & Their Uses) and Chapter 6 (Calculations).